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I listen to Pandora while at work earning money. Should I be silenced? It can be argued that the streamers are in the same situation. They are "working," as some streamers make it their full time jobs, and listening to music in the background. If someone walks in to my office am I obligated to silence my music to… » 8/07/14 9:15am 8/07/14 9:15am

My Xbox One has been connected to the internet since I purchased it day 1. My PS4 has been connected to the internet since I purchased it day 1. My Wii U has been connected to the internet since I purchased it day 1. My 360 is connected to the internet and has been since I purchased it day 1. My PS3 is… » 7/17/14 4:18pm 7/17/14 4:18pm

I hear you.. I currently moved from a larger city in Indiana back with family in rural Indiana until my wife and I can finish building our house. I am an avid gamer and going from 50Mbps connections to satellite modem has nearly been the death of me. I got desperate the 11th month and used my phone as a hotspot… » 3/26/14 10:15am 3/26/14 10:15am

No, I actually really enjoyed 8. For everyone that adores FF7, I, personally, enjoyed FF8 more (That isn't saying I dislike 7 because I did enjoy it). Sequentially, I also loved IX, but did not really care for X. 8, though, for some reason really clings to me. I HATE what they are doing with the remakes of the… » 2/17/14 3:05pm 2/17/14 3:05pm

Your answer is in your own question/statement. The only thing separating you from a psychopath is your empathy. Psychopaths not being able to feel empathy is a mental disorder in and of itself. Empathy is a natural response, not having it is typically not conditioned. Your empathy makes you human. Now I get what… » 2/11/14 9:26am 2/11/14 9:26am

Time to turn off auto-updates.... Thanks Capcom! If my data cap is blown when I get out of work today I will murder a small furry mammal. 13GB is ridiculous. I unfortunately am forced into a data cap until my wife and I can move into the house we are building. Currently I'm stuck in my parents in boonfuck nowhere… » 1/21/14 3:34pm 1/21/14 3:34pm

I questioned the PS4 I bought the day after Christmas from Walmart. The sticker seal looked like a piece of tape, however, there was no cardboard torn off, and the packaging inside was all as it should be. Furthermore, it works so I won't complain, but if that is how they package their actual box, then they (SONY)… » 12/27/13 4:18pm 12/27/13 4:18pm